Everybody loves tech gadgets, most of all loves golf! We want to combine it! Let's imagine an automatic golf ball collector on the driving range.

Herr-robot – Golf ball collector

Install Device

Our robot include accessories and manuals which are made for the installation and programming by the customer.

Herr-robot – Golf ball collector

Configure it

It is actually very easy to install a robot. You just need to set the GPS points in the application.

Herr-robot – Golf ball collector

Yay! Done.

Herrobot is a great single solution for optimizing driving range.


Work fast. Robot security and theft prevention is a top priority for the manufacturers

Quiet and Fast

Yes! It's realy noise free.

Apps you love

Our app allows you to take the full control of your robot.

Stay in touch

Full tech support!

Designed for you

We are ready to make the design according to your requirements.


From a security perspective, GPS functionality enables you know exactly where your robot is at all times

Herr-robot – Golf ball collector

Driving range

A driving range is an area where golfers can practice their golf swing. It can also be a recreational activity itself for amateur golfers or when enough time for a full game is not available. Many golf courses have a driving range attached and they are also found as stand-alone facilities, especially in urban areas.

Herr-robot – Golf ball collector

Golf Ball Pickers

Whether you need to pick 100 or 100,000 range balls a day, we have you covered. All of our Golf Ball Pickers are made of the strongest materials and carry the most comprehensive warranties in the range business.


We are a small group of inverntors, hackers and designers from the differrent parts of the world on a mission.

Herr-robot – Golf ball collector

Vyacheslav Golitsin

Co-Founder and CEO

Herr-robot – Golf ball collector

Michael Wykrent

PGA Golf Professional

Herr-robot – Golf ball collector

Nikita Khvoryk

Mechanical Design Engineer

Herr-robot – Golf ball collector

Vladimir Gonchrov

Software engineer

Herr-robot – Golf ball collector

Roman Gergishan



Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

15 JUN 2019

Mass Production

15 JAN 2019

Beta-testing robot

15 NOV 2018

Body design

23 SEPT 2018

Software development

We've made our secong prototype with another software.

Python software

10 SEPT 2018

27 JUL 2018

3D Prototype & Testing

23 JUN 2018

Research and Development


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